Theresa Kachindamoto: Woman Chief Ends Child Marriages

Photo: Facebook/VitalVoices

Relieved is reporting Theresa Kachindamoto has come to power as a chief in Monkey Bay Malawi and has ended child marriages. Even though the practice was made illegal in 2015, girls as young as 12 were still married to adult men with the permission of their parents, often for financial gain.

Kachindamoto never expected to become Chief because she is the youngest of 12 and mother to five children. Prior to being elected senior Chief of her village, Kachindamoto worked as an administrative assistant. Upon being elected, Kachindamoto annulled 850 marriages and sent the girls to school. prior to Kachindamoto’s arrival, Girls, who were as young as age 7, were sent to camps where they were taught how to pleasure their future husbands. Kachindamoto is ensuring they receive a proper education and opportunity to succeed.

Kachindamoto says any Chief who sanctions any practices of violence against women and children will be dismissed.

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