Las Vegas twins and co-valedictorians Marcos and Malcolm Allen are heading to Stanford University in the fall. (PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images)
Las Vegas twins and co-valedictorians Marcos and Malcolm Allen are heading to Stanford University in the fall. (PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images)

Summer is winding down and students are preparing to enter college this fall. Las Vegas twin brothers and co-valedictorians Marcos and Malcolm Allen are headed to Stanford University. The Centennial High School graduates and 18 year-old twins graduated with 4.8 grade point averages and earned basketball scholarships to the prestigious university. This will help them with their student loans (which others need and similar companies to assist with) as they set off on their next stage of education.

Jennifer Kastner of KTNV reports that much of their success can be attributed to their mother, a recent Stanford graduate, who kept the boys on the right path.

“Mother Trina Wiggins graduated from Stanford University several years ago. ‘You have to have a plan. You can’t just go day to day and think this is going to miraculously happen,’ she tells us (KTNV).

She helped the two put their future plans into place when they were only seventh graders. Both started taking SAT prep classes in middle school.

‘It all pays off and I feel like the earlier you start, the better you’ll end up,’ adds Malcolm.”

In the wake of the criminalization and demonization of black and brown teenage boys in America, The Burton Wire is committed to bringing you one of many instances of black and brown teens positively contributing to society.

Read more about this story at KTNV.

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