Watch: Black Nurse Offers Advice to Black People on COVID-19

Ursula Roberts-Allen has been a nurse in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years. In this video posted to her Facebook page, Roberts-Allen lists some of the symptoms black people are exhibiting that differ from the symptoms being widely shared by medical professionals in media. Roberts-Allen says black people may suffer from malaise and pain in a part of the body. If experiencing the symptoms, black people should not lie down when that happens because if infected, that position causes blood and fluids to go directly to the lungs. Walk around and sit upright. She also discussed using time-tested remedies like lemon and ginger and compresses to help manage the virus. Oh and she’s tired of people doing foolish things and jeopardizing the lives of nurses and doctors.

Check out the important information and warnings nurse Roberts-Allen shared via her Facebook page:

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