American Cypher: Mendi + Keith Obadike Talk Race, DNA and Digital Art

Who says black folks don't create digital art? New media artists Mendi + Keith Obadike beg to differ, having worked in the...

Jazz Musician Najee Talks New Music & The Other Side of Prince

Best-selling jazz musician Najee released his 13th studio album, The Morning After - A Musical Love Journey, this past October. His...

Phillip Terrill: The Man Behind the Burks & Bailey Brand

With your youth still ahead of you, best friend at your side, and access to many of the fashion industry's elite,...

OITNB: Why Are We Mad at Hough When 'Farina' is Making a Comeback?

The blogosphere is still reeling over Dancing with the Stars dancer Julianne Hough's poor taste in Halloween attire this year. In...

VIDEO: Chinua Achebe Discusses Colonization and Africa

African literary legend Chinua Achebe died last week at the age of 82. While re-reading, re-imagining  and revisiting his work, we...

'Invisible Universe' Documentary Explores Blackness and Science-Fiction

M. Asli Dukan's documentary 'Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction' explores the relationship between the Black body and...

Somalia's First Formal Musical Event in 25 Years

Phil Moore of Al Jazeera is reporting that Somalia held its first formal musical performances in more than 25 years last week....

Thelma Golden: Wins 2016 Bard Curatorial Award

Hilarie M. Sheets of the New York Times is reporting that Thelma Golden, the director and chief curator of the...

Ryan Coogler: ‘Fruitvale Station’ Director Talks Filmmaking and Oscar Grant

Ryan Coogler is the writer/filmmaker responsible for the tear-jerking independent feature, Fruitvale Station. The 27-year-old Oakland native with a serious Bay...

African Diaspora: Blacks Dominate 2014 Golden Globe Nominations

Shadow and Act is reporting that British actor Chewitel Ejiofor (Nigeria) was nominated for 2014 Golden Globe award for the best...

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