FIFA Worried About Rio and Brasília Arenas

Robbie Blakeley of The Rio Times is reporting that FIFA's general secretary Jérôme Valcke is concerned that the football (soccer) arenas...

Brazil’s ‘Caras Pintadas’: The ‘New’ Face of Democratic Protest

Brazil’s new generation of “caras pintadas,” social media and the new face of democratic protest OPINION by Ian Walcott In 1992 as an...

Colombia: Shakira’s Virtual Baby Shower Rocks

by Nsenga K. Burton Rolling Stone is reporting that celebrated singer Shakira is hosting a virtual baby shower with soccer star boyfriend...

Police Raid Brazilian Favelas

Shasta Darlington of CNN is reporting that Brazilian police raided two slum areas (favelas) in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend...

'Shadeism': Colorism in the Muslim Diaspora

Writing for Aquila Style, writer Fatimah Jackson-Best explores the complicated issue of 'shadeism', commonly known as 'colorism' in the Muslim Diaspora....

BRICS Summit Takes Place in South Africa

Ben Tavener of The Rio Times is reporting that Brazil, along with Russia, India, China, and South Africa, took place in...

Takanakuy: Peruvian Fight Festival 2012

0 BBC News is reporting that Takanakuy, the annual Peruvian fight festival that takes place during the Christmas holidays, has occurred. Takanakuy...

Japan Attempts to Recover Influence in Brazil

Bloomberg is reporting that the country of Japan is attempting to recover its influence in the country of Brazil. Juan Pable Spinetto of...

Former Brazilian Soccer Player João Rodrigo Silva Santos Decapitated

The Bleacher Report is reporting that former Brazilian footballer João Rodrigo Silva Santos has been kidnapped and decapitated by suspected drug...

Brazil Uses Text Messaging to Reach Job Seekers

0 is reporting that text messaging is becoming an option for job seekers in places where expensive cell data plans and...

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