Brazil: 31 Student Arrests in Protests Over Rio Bus Fares

Ben Tavener of The Rio Times is reporting that protests over the increase in bus fares in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

South America: Drug Submarines Pose New Challenge

Caribbean 360 is reporting that law enforcement officials fighting the war against illegal drugs are facing a new challenge.  Narcotics organizations...

‘Dear White People’: Director Justin Simien Has More Stories to Tell

Dear White People is the clever feature debut of Houston native-now-Los Angeles-based writer, producer and director Justin Simien. The winner of...

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez Suffering from Lung Infection

CNN is reporting that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is suffering from a "severe" lung infection. Mr. Chavez has been battling cancer...

Brazil: President Dilma Rousseff Re-Elected

The BBC is reporting that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been re-elected after securing more than 51% of votes in the...

Brazil: Sluggish 3rd Quarter Economic Growth Causes Concern

The New York Times' Simon Romero is reporting that Brazil's economic growth has been sluggish in the third quarter. Romero writes: "Brazil’s...

Legendary Brazil Goal Keeper Gylmar dos Santos Neves Dies

The Bleacher Report is reporting that legendary goal keeper Gylmar dos Santos Neves has died. Often thought of as the greatest...

Former Brazilian Soccer Player João Rodrigo Silva Santos Decapitated

The Bleacher Report is reporting that former Brazilian footballer João Rodrigo Silva Santos has been kidnapped and decapitated by suspected drug...

Police Raid Brazilian Favelas

Shasta Darlington of CNN is reporting that Brazilian police raided two slum areas (favelas) in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend...

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro Wins Election by Slim Margin

The BBC is reporting that acting president Nicolas Maduro won the Venezuelan election with 50.7% of the votes. His opponent, Henrique...

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