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April 9, 2002 (Sacramento) – The California Department of Public Health released race and ethnicity data related to COVID-19.

The information, representing 37% of COVID-19 cases and 39% of deaths, shows the race and ethnicity data is roughly in line with the diversity of California overall:

  • Latinos: 30% of cases and 29% of deaths (39% of the state’s population)
  • Whites: 37% of cases and 43% of deaths (37% of the state’s population)
  • African Americans/Blacks: 6% of cases and 3% of deaths (6% of the state’s population)
  • Asians: 14% of cases and 16% of deaths (15% of the state’s population)
  • Multiracial: 2.5% of cases and 2% of deaths (2% of the state’s population)
  • American Indians or Alaska Natives: 0.2% of cases and 0.6% of deaths (0.5% of the states’ population)
  • Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders: 1.6% of cases and 1% of deaths (0.3% of the state’s population)
  • Other: 9% of cases and 5% of deaths (N/A)

FOX 40’s Bay Area reporter Sonseeahray Tonsall reported:


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