Cuba is leading the way in cancer diagnosis and prevention thanks to early investment in biotechnology. (World Atlas)

Caribbean 360 is reporting that Cuba is on the cutting edge of cancer treatments because of a major investment made by the country into biotechnology. The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting that Cuba’s cancer research and treatment is the envy of other countries of its size because of the significant progress in cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention being made due to the development of technological tools.

Caribbean 360 writes:

“In 2008, the Ministry of Health registered a first vaccine for therapeutic treatment of advanced lung cancer developed by the Havana-based Centre of Molecular Immunology (CIM), one of the biotechnology spearheads in Cuba that is focusing on cancer treatments and vaccines. A second vaccine against the same type of cancer was patented at the beginning of this year.

‘Biotechnology is key to transforming cancer from a deadly disease into a chronic one,’ says Dr. Agustin Lage Davila, the General Director of CIM. ‘Our drugs make chemo and radiation therapies more effective and less toxic. This helps us to achieve our ultimate goal: a longer life and a better quality life for our patients.’”

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez traveled to Cuba in December of 2012 to seek treatment for cancer.

Read more at Caribbean 360.

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