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Haiti: Hundreds Protest President Martelly

Hundreds of Haitians protest President Michel Martelly over claims of corruption and failure to deliver on campaign promises. (Google Images)

BBC News is reporting that hundreds of Haitians are protesting against the high-cost of living and demanding the resignation of President Michel Martelly. Protesters marched through Port-au-Prince accusing the president of corruption. They also said Martelly had failed to deliver on his promises to alleviate poverty.

President Martelly took office last year promising a fresh start for Haiti, devastated by an earthquake in 2010. The country which shares the Caribbean island of Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic, has been devastated by natural disasters and a cholera epidemic linked to U.N. peacekeepers.

While campaigning, Martelly, a former pop star,  promised to cover the tuition of students, bridge the wealth gap and help bring down the cost of food and other resources. Protesters accuse the president of failing to address these issues while wasting money on luxury vehicles and expensive trips abroad.

Read more at BBC News.

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