Popular talk show host Marcia Henville was murdered. (Photo Credit: Caribbean 360)
Popular talk show host Marcia Henville was murdered.  (Photo Credit: Caribbean 360)
Popular talk show host Marcia Henville was murdered.
(Photo Credit: Caribbean 360)

Caribbean 360 is reporting that popular talk show host Marcia Henville was murdered. The author writes:

“Marcia Henville, the television talk show host, whose charred remains were discovered after a fire gutted her bedroom early Saturday morning, was murdered, according to the results of an autopsy done on Monday.

The autopsy done by pathologist Dr. Eslyn Mc Donald Burris found that the 51-year-old mother of two had been beaten on the head, stabbed about the body, and her throat cut.
On Saturday, fire officials had confirmed that the charred remains of the host of Point Blank aired on CCN TV 6, was found in the bedroom of her home in St. Augustine, east of here.

Her husband, who is now under police guard at the hospital, escaped with burns to his body. He had earlier told police that he and his wife had returned home early Saturday morning after attending a Carnival show in the capital.”

Henville’s husband told police that the fire may have started because of a scented candle. It has been reported that Henville was in the process of divorcing her husband and was to serve him with papers the Monday following the fire. Neighbors said they heard yelling before the fire broke out.

Supporters sent condolences out via Twitter.




This story is developing. Henville was born in East London to Trinidadian parents. She was 51.

Read more at Caribbean 360.

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