Benita Nall stars as Cozy Leigh in the web series 'The PuNanny Diaries.' (Photo: Screen Capture)
Benita Nall stars as Cozy Leigh in the web series 'The PuNanny Diaries.'  (Photo: Screen Capture)
Benita Nall stars as Cozy Leigh in the web series ‘The PuNanny Diaries.’
(Photo: Screen Capture)

NNSFW (Not Necessarily Safe for Work)

The Hollywood industry is buzzing with shows about virgins — from the textbook dictionary definition of the word to the concept of a “born again virgin.” Gina Rodriguez has exploded onto the scene with her 2015 Golden Globe Best Actress in a Comedy win for her performance in the CW‘s hit show Jane the Virgin. Rodriguez plays Jane Villanueva, a devout virgin who accidentally becomes pregnant after a mix-up with artificial insemination. TV One has a new show Born Again Virgin which follows the life of a young woman who blogs about her decision to become a ‘born again virgin’ after tiring of unfulfilling relationships with men.

All of this talk about virgins has led us squarely back to one of the Burton Wire‘s favorite web series, The PuNanny Diaries, which launched in 2009. This web series made our favorite videos playlist back in 2012, when we were late to the party, but happy to find it anyway.

The PuNanny Diaries follows the character of Cozy who takes a celibacy oath after learning that her live-in boyfriend has been cheating on her. Cozy (Benita Nall), who has tired of the constant stream of dubious men, commits to getting to know herself better and blogs about her adventures in dating. Directed by Yolanda Buggs, written by Lisa Robinson and produced by Phill Branch, the web series offers a hilarious look at relationships and what happens when one decides to essentially become a “born again virgin.” This first episode offers wonderful performances by Nall, Casey Lee, who plays James, Cozy’s scandalous boyfriend and Tracy Ali, who plays Iris, Cozy’s super smart friend/roommate who may be missing a sensitivity chip, and tells it like it is whether you’re ready or not. Coupled with a wonderful score by Kris Johnson, the web series offers a well-produced, character-driven, thoughtful look at relationships.

For Throwback Thursday, the Burton Wire salutes the PuNanny Diaries, the web series that started it all — conversations about the consequences of keeping the panties or giving them away.

Check out Season One of the YouTube series and let us know your thoughts on Twitter @TheBurtonWire.

This post was written by Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D., founder & editor-in-chief of the award-winning news site the Burton Wire. Follow her on Twitter @Ntellectual.

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