TBWA free-thinking person who cares about the world, will not be categorized or boxed in by society or culture and is interested in issues and topics that defy stereotypes and conventional wisdom.

TheBurtonWire.com is the premier online destination for news about the global African Diaspora. For nearly ten years, we have been providing you news, culture and fact-based opinion about Black people living in the Americas, Europe and of course the continent of Africa. As other verticals on Black people and the Diaspora emerge, we like to say The Burton Wire is true to this, not new to this. While diversity and inclusion have become catchphrases for many in this most recent era of critical consciousness around issues fo race, class, gender and sexuality, diversity and inclusion are values The Burton Wire champions and lives. The Burton Wire’s founder Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. has been offering news and informed opinion on these issues for twenty years at publications including The Root, Creative Loafing, Huffington Post, The Grio and Black Press USA. Dr. Burton founded The Burton Wire to fill in the gaps on news about people of African descent, elevating stories about Black people worldwide. As we embark on our tenth anniversary, Nsenga will use this news site to amplify her voice in the media space with informed opinion while continuing to move stories about people of African descent from the margins to the center of the media landscape.