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The Burton Wire is a publication dedicated to covering global news and culture with a focus on the African Diaspora. While many are invested in emphasizing the differences of our rich and complex culture, The Burton Wire is investing in documenting and discovering our shared history, present and future. The breadth of the culture speaks to the resiliency and tenacity of a people separated long ago due to a variety of factors. It is The Burton Wire‘s mission to bring us back together by offering news, culture and informed opinions that add value to the media landscape and demonstrate to the world that out of many, people of African descent are indeed one.

Just as the stories from different parts of the world live side by side on this website, so do we in the United States and abroad. It is in this spirit that we move forward on this endeavor as a model for what can be when we reconnect and recommit to telling all of our stories, sharing our accomplishments and fulfilling our dreams.

At The Burton Wire, we’re choosing substance over style — bringing you information, fact-based opinion and insight into what’s happening in our world, around the world. Join The Burton Wire in bringing Africa, U.S., the Caribbean, South America and many more from the margins to the center of the new media landscape.

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