America, You’re Killing Me: Media Coverage Must Improve

written by Devona Walker While CNN ran 24-hour coverage of the “Bags of Poop” boat stuck in the ocean, MSNBC obsessed over...

Hurricane Katrina: A Statistical Snapshot Eight Years Later

Mark Waller of (The Times-Picayune) is reporting on the impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans eight years after the...

Vh1’s Rock Doc on ATL Rap Leaves Viewers Wanting More

Black music scenes in America have always been characterized as having a specific “sound.” Scenes, or cities, such as Detroit, Memphis,...

Daymond John Revisits FUBU’s 25th Anniversary

Daymond John recently noticed a resurgence in consumers buying vintage FUBU apparel on ebay. Grammy-winning entertainer Chris Brown was coincidentally photographed...

Ghana: Kantanka Group Launches Nation’s First Auto

Amir Daftari of CNN's Africa Start-up reports the first cars to carry a "made in Ghana" seal have officially entered the...

State of the Union 2013: Barack the Magic Negro?

written by Devona Walker While President Obama was still giving his State of the Union address, Fox News’ website had already posted...

Hugo Chavez: Venezuelan President Dies

The New York Times and CNN are reporting that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died. Vice President Nicolas Maduro just made...

‘Shadeism’: Colorism in the Muslim Diaspora

Writing for Aquila Style, writer Fatimah Jackson-Best explores the complicated issue of 'shadeism', commonly known as 'colorism' in the Muslim Diaspora....

‘Family Time:’ Bounce TV Sitcom Keeps Blacks on TV

Family Time is the first original sitcom to air on the noncable broadcast channel, Bounce TV. The show is created, written,...

'The Best Man Holiday': Director Talks Remaking Magic

“You know, people really know me from The Best Man.  I’ve done five other movies since then, but it always comes...

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