Exclusive: Allison Jean Talks Son Botham’s Murder & ID TV Documentary

Allison Jean is a mother still in mourning. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice....

BLM: Autopsy Shows Police Suffocated Handcuffed Naked Black Man

TRIGGER WARNING: EXTREME VIOLENCE AGAINST UNARMED, NAKED AFRICAN-AMERICAN MAN A chilling police custody case that happened in March 2020 is surfacing today....

Rayshard Brooks Killing: District Attorney Announces Charges

Officer Garrett Rolfe faces 11 charges including felony murder in the killing of Rayshard Brooks in a Southwest Atlanta Wendy's.  Fulton County...

South Africa: Investigation of Murdered Pregnant Woman Intensifies

News 24 is reporting the police investigation into the murder of Tshegofatso Pule, who was 8-months pregnant with her first child...

George Floyd Uprisings: Property Is Not More Important Than Black Lives

Writing for Courier Newsroom, The Burton Wire's founder & editor-in-chief Nsenga K. Burton discusses the misplaced anger surrounding the national uprisings...

Atatiana Jefferson: So What She Owns a Gun? It’s Her Right

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard the most recent high-profile case of the killing of Atatiana Jefferson,...

Theresa Kachindamoto: Woman Chief Ends Child Marriages

Relieved is reporting Theresa Kachindamoto has come to power as a chief in Monkey Bay Malawi and has ended child marriages....

JUNETEENTH: Our Other Independence Day

Today is Juneteenth (June 19th)! Juneteenth.com refers to this special day for many African Americans as the ‘oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery...

Nipsey Hussle: Rapper, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur Remembered

The world is mourning the loss of rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle who was killed over the weekend in front of...

New Zealand: Three-Year-Old is Youngest Victim of Massacre

Mucad Ibrahim, 3, is the youngest victim of the Mosque attacks that took place in New Zealand in March. According to...

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