Brazilian Rapper ‘MC Daleste’ Shot and Killed While Performing

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Brazilian rapper Daniel 'MC Daleste' Pellegrine, was shot and killed while performing on stage this...

Brazil Waives Visas for U.S., Canadian, Japan & Aussie Visitors

Reuters is reporting Brazil has waived visa requirements for visitors from the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia. In an effort...

Ugochi Nwaogwugwu: ‘Don’t Mind Them’

To say that this has been a crazy week is pretty much an understatement. With the U.S. Supreme Court gutting section...

VIDEO: Chinua Achebe Discusses Colonization and Africa

African literary legend Chinua Achebe died last week at the age of 82. While re-reading, re-imagining  and revisiting his work, we...

Brazil: University Affirmative Action Bill Passes

Lucy Jordan of The Rio Times is reporting that the senate in Brazil has passed a bill that will require prestigious...

Brazil: Reggae Music Honored at Florianopolis Carnival

Cecilia Campbell-Livingston is reporting that Reggae music has gone carnival in Brazil. Singers Bunny Wailer and Andrew Tosh, music industry veteran...

Legendary Brazil Goal Keeper Gylmar dos Santos Neves Dies

The Bleacher Report is reporting that legendary goal keeper Gylmar dos Santos Neves has died. Often thought of as the greatest...

Brazil: Hope for a Latin American Successor to Pope Benedict XVI

written by Kaitlin Higgins Ben Tavener of The Rio Times is reporting that, after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on February...

Brazil’s Stake in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

OPINION by Ian Walcott When President Dilma Rousseff took office in January 2011, she made history on a number of fronts. This elevated her...

Brazil: 2016 Olympic Rings Unveiled in Rio

Reporting for the Rio Times, Chesney Hearst reports officials have unveiled the Olympic rings structure in Madureira Park located in the...

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