Tanzania: Country Facing HIV Prevention Donor Crisis

AllAfrica.com is reporting that major donors supporting the fight against HIV/Aids in Tanzania have announced the withdrawal of funding by the...

Blackfilm.com: The Ultimate Fall 2013 Black Movie Guide

Blackfilm.com's founder and editor-in-chief Wilson Morales has rolled out the "ultimate" fall 2013 preview of black films. Morales, who is currently...

Shadow and Act's Tambay Obenson is Not Impressed

If you haven't gotten the memo yet, please stop sending Shadow and Act's founder and editor-in-chief Tambay A. Obenson articles about...

VIDEO: Black and Latino Actors Discuss Identity

Race, nation and ethnicity are three distinct categories that are often collapsed leading to conflict, confusion and generalizations when it comes...

How to Fast for Ramadan When You Medically Aren't Supposed to Fast

Writing for Aquila Style Magazine, Fatimah Jackson-Best discusses the challenges of fasting during Ramadan when you can't fast due to health...

Can a Muslim Woman Be a Feminist?

Writing for Aquila-Style.com, blogger Fatimah Jackson-Best discusses the work that Muslim women are doing throughout the world for women's rights (Malala...

Akosua Report: Lincoln MacCauley Alexander

by Akosua Lowery Lincoln MacCauley Alexander “He was already a trailblazer, working as a lawyer in Hamilton — one of the first black...

CANADA: Uber Eats Partners with Cannibis Retailer

News outlets are reporting Uber Eats has partnered with cannibis retailer Tokyo Smoke to allow customers to order cannibis for pick-up...

Carnival and Jouvert: A Repository of Spirit, Community and Culture

It was a beautiful crisp day. A perfect sky absent of clouds and filled to the brim with the deepest blues....

WondaGurl Ebony Oshunrinde, 16, Creates Beat for Jay-Z

Karissa Donkin of The Toronto Star is reporting that Brampton's Ebony Oshunrinde, 16, created a beat used on “Crown,” a track...

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