Daymond John Revisits FUBU’s 25th Anniversary

Daymond John recently noticed a resurgence in consumers buying vintage FUBU apparel on ebay. Grammy-winning entertainer Chris Brown was coincidentally photographed...

South African Fashion Week: Designers Celebrated

South African Fashion Week has officially kicked off and the blogosphere is loving the creations by designers like Gert-Johan Coetzee, Clive...

‘W’ Magazine Features All Black Models in Fall Issue

From  beautiful shades of bronzed ivory to rich mahogany,  W Magazine did a fabulous job of showing that Black is Beautiful...

Sudanese Model Nykhor Paul Slams Racist Make-up Artists

The blogosphere is giving a collective round of applause to Sudanese Model's Nykhor Paul, who publicly lambasted white make-up artists for...

Timberland Severs Ties with French Designer Over Use of N-Word

Marjon Carlos of Fusion is reporting that Timberland has severed ties with French fashion designer Jean Touitou over his use of...

Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair Delivers

Ebony Magazine is undeniably one of African American culture’s most influential and immediately recognizable brands. For seven decades, the brainchild of...

Phillip Terrill: The Man Behind the Burks & Bailey Brand

With your youth still ahead of you, best friend at your side, and access to many of the fashion industry's elite,...

Oscar de la Renta: Iconic Fashion Designer Dies

CNN is reporting that legendary Dominican American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has died. Known as the "Sultan of Suave,"...

Serena Williams Wins 18th Grand Slam Singles Title

Legendary tennis player Serena Williams can add another win to her singles column. On Sunday, the world's number one player defeated...

Vh1’s Rock Doc on ATL Rap Leaves Viewers Wanting More

Black music scenes in America have always been characterized as having a specific “sound.” Scenes, or cities, such as Detroit, Memphis,...

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