Haiti: Hundreds Protest President Martelly

BBC News is reporting that hundreds of Haitians are protesting against the high-cost of living and demanding the resignation of President...

Nigerian Farmers: Shell On Trial for Environmental Damage

AllAfrica.com is reporting that oil giant Royal Dutch Shell is on trial for ruining the lands of farmers in the Niger...

Swaziland: Prime Minister Receives Vote of No Confidence

AllAfrica.com is reporting that businesses have turned against Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini, who suffered a vote of no-confidence in the Swazi House...

Nigeria: Massive Flooding Kills Scores of People

CNN is reporting that ravaging floods killed dozens in Nigeria and displaced tens of thousands of residents as crocodiles, hippos and...

CARICOM Joins Battle Against Cholera in Haiti and DR

Caribbean 360 is reporting that CARICOM has joined the fight against cholera devastating Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean Community...

Ivory Coast Boosts West African Zone

Birame Faye of Trust Media London is reporting that the ending of Ivory Coast's crisis is proving to be a blessing...

China and Nigeria: $1.1 Billion Reasons to Pay Attention

The New York Times is reporting that China is offering Nigeria $1.1 billion in loans to help build airport terminals, a light...

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