Ethiopia and Eritrea Sign ‘Declaration of Peace and Friendship’

International media outlets are reporting neighboring countries Ethiopia and Eritrea have signed a declaration of peace and friendship agreement ending decades...

Africa: Kenyan Author Binyavanga Wainaina Comes Out

Tristan McConnell of is reporting that Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina has come out as a gay man amid the increasing...

Meet the Sheltons: Couple Helped to Desegregate Atlanta's Restaurants

In 1963, America’s Deep South was a hotbed for hopelessness as a result of racial tension. In Birmingham, AL, blacks striving for...

Angola: Ruling MPLA Party Wins Election

Stephen Eisenhammer of Reuters Africa is reporting Angola’s ruling MPLA party has won the general election, based on provisional results provided by...

Kendrick Johnson: New Footage Released in the Case

CNN's Victor Blackwell is reporting that new surveillance video released Wednesday in the case of Kendrick Johnson, a Georgia teen found...

Guinea Bissau: President Jose Mario Vaz Fires Government

Amatijane Cande of is reporting that Guinea Bissau's president Jose Mario Vaz has "sacked" the government of the fragile West...

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Fear of a Black President

In a piece for The Atlantic entitled, "Fear of a Black President," Ta-Nehisis Coates waxes poetic about the historical fear and...

HBO’s ‘Confirmation’: Actor Wendell Pierce Talks Clarence Thomas

Whenever actor Wendell Pierce portrays a character on-stage or screen, he considers his roles teaching moments. The New Orleans native recently...

Mali: Prime Minister Diarra Forced to Resign

0 The Associated Press is reporting that Mali's Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra, 60, has been arrested and forced to resign. Diarra...

Christiane Taubira: France's Justice Minister Subjected to Racist Slurs

Writing for The Root, Breanna Edwards writes that France's Justice Minister Christiane Taubira has been subjected to a slew of racist...

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