Nigerian Expats Talk School Girl Abductions, Boko Haram and What’s Next

Nearly four weeks into the kidnappings of 276 girls in Borno State, Nigeria,  feelings of frustration with Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan's...

(VIDEO) If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Had Sneezed

This video examines Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech in which he talks about having been stabbed and learning had...

Blackbird’s Julian Walker: ‘Everyone Deserves Love, So Stop Judging.’

Atlanta’s premier LGBT film festival, Out on Film, kicked off this year’s festivities with two highly-anticipated screenings of director Patrik-Ian Polk's...

Don Cheadle is Golden: Wins Best Actor Golden Globe

Yolanda Sangweni of reports that prolific actor Don Cheadle won a 2013 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a TV...

EXCLUSIVE: Broadway Legend George C. Wolfe: “You Just Have to Make the Work Good”

George C. Wolfe is one of American theatre’s most celebrated figures. The double Tony Award-winning African American director, playwright and producer...

Nsenga Burton Talks Baltimore on CCTV

Speaking with CCTV America's Mike Walter, The Burton Wire's founder & editor-in-chief Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. discusses the uprisings in Baltimore...

Hector 'Macho' Camacho Dies at 50

   The Associated Press is reporting that Hector "Macho" Camacho has died. The article reports that Camacho "was a brash fighter with...

Steve Biko Archive Published by Google

BBC Africa is reporting that the Steve Biko South Africa Archive has been published by Google. Thirty-five years after the death of...

Mixed-Race Miss France Gets Racist Threats on Social Media

The Voice (UK) is reporting that the 2014 Miss France Flora Coquerel, 19, has been receiving racist threats via social media...

MLK Children at Odds: Sons Want to Sell Nobel Peace Prize and Bible

In "What in the Hell" news, the blogosphere is buzzing with news that the children of civil rights icon Dr. Martin...

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