Curacao Party Leader Assassinated

Caribbean 360 is reporting that the leader of the largest political party in Curacao's coalition government was shot dead late Sunday...

HBCUs: Blacks in Technology Convening at Stanford

NPR is reporting that representatives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are meeting this week to talk about African Americans...

Brenda Tindal Makes History at Levine Museum of the New South

Mark Washburn of the Charlotte Observer is reporting historian Brenda Tindal, 34, has been named head historian for the Levine Museum of the...

Richie Havens: Folk Singer Dies at 72

Tom Cole of NPR's blog The Record is reporting that folk singer Richie Havens has died of a heart attack today...

Kanye and Kimmel Feud: What's Race Got to Do With It?

Kanye West is in the news again -- this time due to a feud with comedian and late night talk show...

Does the New South Really Exist?

South Carolina removes the confederate flag from its Capitol grounds. The nation applauds. Less than a week later, Oklahoma residents greet...

Funny or Die: The Black Bachelor

Check out Funny or Die's 'The Black Bachelor video', which we think is hilarious. Starring Terrell Owens, Tatyana Ali and Jay...

Senate Rejects Debo Adegbile for Top Civil Rights Post

Wesley Lowery and Ed O'Keefe of the Washington Post are reporting that President Barack Obama's pick  to head the Justice Department's...

Bananas Hurled at Italy's First Black Minister of Integration

0 is reporting that bananas were thrown at Cecile Kyenge, Italy's first black minister of integration. Holly Yan, Lauren Russell and...

Hunger Games Star Speaks On Cultural Appropriation

NBC is reporting that Amandla Stenberg, best known for her role as "Rue" in The Hunger Games, has been the cause...

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