FIFA officials are concerned that arenas in Rio and Brasília are behind schedule. (Google Images)
FIFA officials are concerned that arenas in Rio and Brasília are behind schedule. (Google Images)

Robbie Blakeley of The Rio Times is reporting that FIFA’s general secretary Jérôme Valcke is concerned that the football (soccer) arenas being built in Rio and Brasília, host cities for the 2014 World Cup, are not completed yet. Both arenas are supposed to be delivered by the end of April and are set to host the opening match and final for the 2014 World Cup. FIFA is also concerned that the arenas won’t be ready for the 2013 Confederations Cup , which will be held June 15th-30th. Test matches are essential to working out the kinks for the FIFA World Cup matches. Currently, FIFA does not have a back-up plan if the arenas aren’t completed in time for the Confederations Cup.

Blakeley writes:

“Witnesses to last week’s meeting told Brazilian press the atmosphere was strained as the delays to the Maracanã and Mané Garrincha attempted to be explained. The continuous line of hindrances puts into serious doubt test games that must be carried out.

‘In a perfect world three test games should be played before any official matches take place. The first with ten percent capacity, then one with thirty percent and a final game with eighty percent. That’s the ideal so we can test the efficiency of the stadium,’ Valcke said.”

The arenas have been delayed due to flooding in the region. Although the arenas are 90 percent ready, many items still need work including the pitch, the roof, the terraces and the press room of the arenas.

Read more at The Rio Times.

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