Jamaica is set to legalize marijuana this year. (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Jamaica is set to legalize marijuana this year. (Photo Credit: Google Images)

Caribbean 360 is reporting that Jamaica will decriminalize marijuana by the end of the 2014.

With the numbers of people turning to cannabis for relief from a number of ailments rising, legalization could potentially be a step towards more research into the medical and health benefits of this drug.

Additionally, did you know that cannabis can be enjoyed in many different ways? Although smoking marijuana using rolled cigarettes or cheap glass pipes is still hugely popular, more and more people are now using cannabis-infused products to get their marijuana fix.

The author writes:

“The Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce (CCMRT) says it has been given an assurance that Jamaica will this year decriminalize marijuana as the island seeks to establish a medicinal marijuana industry. Just like with any business, there is always competition. But as long as the marijuana packaging and the product quality is on top form, then Jamaica will have no problem breaking into the world of medical marijuana, which Canada leads the charge in. If you wanted to learn more about Canada’s weed for comparison check out weed online Canada. West Coast Supply being one of the leaders in that field. With the change in law the cultivation of marijuana will be allowed with citizens being able to grow a limit of five plants, this will open the open up for those who wish to grow their own plants within the restrictions of the law and for business who will aim to product cultivation equipment such as full spectrum LED grow lights, as well as other equipment.

CCMRT leader, Dealana Seiveright in a statement, said that the assurance had come from Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell.

The statement quoted Paulwell as telling members of the taskforce that ‘ganja will be decriminalized in Jamaica this year and emphasised that Jamaica cannot be allowed to be left behind on the issue’.

‘He also reiterated the multiple economic, social and cultural benefits that Jamaica stands to gain if the laws are adjusted sooner rather than later,’ the statement said.

Last year, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries agreed to discuss the issue of decriminalizing marijuana for health reasons at their inter-sessional summit in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in March.”

Read more at Caribbean 360.

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