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“Moment of Truth,” a five-part docuseries, examines the story behind the story of the murder of James Jordan, the father of basketball legend Michael Jordan. At the height of Michael Jordan’s popularity as a basketball player and pop cultural icon, Jordan’s father James was reported missing and subsequently found dead days later in a swamp in South Carolina. At the time of the murder (July 23, 1993), two teenagers – one white (Larry Demery) and the other Black (Daniel Green), were taken into custody and charged with the murder. Green, who maintained his innocence from the beginning, was convicted of the murder, largely based on the testimony of Demery, who is scheduled for release in 2023.

“Moment of Truth,” which airs on IMBtv, takes viewers behind-the-scenes to find a corrupt police force in Robeson County, NC, including the story of  Hubert L. Deese, the  “illegitimate” son of Sheriff Hubert Stone, who some suspect may have played a role in the murder. Deese, a well-known drug dealer, was the first phone number dialed from James Jordan’s car phone after the murder. Add to that story, the possible railroading of a Black teenager, who was convicted based on Demery’s testimony which has greatly changed over time, and you’ve got a thriller for a docuseries.

Written, directed and produced by “crime tv” producers Matthew Perniciaro and Clay Johnson, “Moment of Truth,” is a documentary that attempts to bring the entire story of the murder of James Jordan to viewers, including the investigation, the fallout afterwards, the plight of Daniel Green to prove his innocence and the many questions that remain surrounding the murder of the father of one of basketball’s greatest players.

The docuseries debuts today (4/2/21). Watch free on IMDBtv.

This post was written by Nsenga K. Burton, founder & editor-in-chief of The Burton Wire. Follow Nsenga on Twitter @Ntellectual or @TheBurtonWire

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