Poet, activist and educator Amiri Baraka dies at age 79.  (Photo Credit: Poetry Foundation)
Poet, activist and educator Amiri Baraka dies at age 79.
(Photo Credit: Poetry Foundation)

NJ.com is reporting that longtime activist and NJ poet laureate Amiri Baraka has died. David Giambusso of the Star-Ledger writes:

Baraka was placed in intensive care at Beth Israel Medical Center last month for an unknown reason, but a spokesman for his son’s mayoral campaign said his condition was improving late in December.

Newark Mayor Luis Quintana said Baraka will be sorely missed.

“I went to visit him at the hospital about two weeks ago,” Quintana said by phone. “He was more than poet he was a leader in his own right. He’s going to be missed and our condolences go out to his family today.”

Quintana recalled Baraka’s role in the 1970 Black and Puerto Rican convention, a landmark political meeting that resulted in the election of Ken Gibson, Newark’s first black mayor.

“We’re going to remember him always for his contributions to Newark, New Jersey and America,” Quintana said. “In this time of pain, the citizens of Newark and I are with him.”

Amiri Baraka was 79 years-old. Rest in power Mr. Baraka.

Read more about Amiri Baraka at Amiribaraka.com.

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