Senegal's National Assembly building in Dakar, where Parliamentary sessions are held. (Photo: Senegalese Government)

WARNING: NSFW and VIOLENCE IN VIDEO. The Internet is buzzing over video of a male politician slapping a woman colleague during a melée in Parliament in Senegal last week. Tensions have been rising between the ruling and opposition parties since a legislative election in July where the ruling party lost its comfortable majority. Opposition MP Massata Samb hit ruling party member Amy Ndiaye Gniby during a budget presentation. Gniby responded by grabbing a chair and hurling it at her attacker. Watch the video below:
Fight breaks out after Opposition MP Massata Samb hit ruling party member Amy Ndiaye Gniby in a parliamentary session in Senegal.

Apparently Samb was upset because Gniby spoke out against a “spiritual leader” and refused to apologize after he admonished her for it. After Samb hit Gniby, an all-out brawl took place. The session was suspended and eventually the two sides were separated.

Feminists and members of the governing coalition expressed indignation over the physical attack on Gniby, which coincided with a continental awareness campaign about violence against women and girls.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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