Former NFL star Terrell Owens' wife Rachel Snider has filed for divorce after two weeks of marriage. (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Former NFL star Terrell Owens’ wife Rachel Snider has filed for divorce after two weeks of marriage.
(Photo Credit: Google Images)

Beleaguered former NFL star Terrell Owens is unofficially single again. After only 2 weeks of marriage, Rachel Snider, the woman who married the former NFL and reality show star wants a divorce. While this marriage proved particularly brief, it is a sad fact of the times that a large percentage of marriages do actually end in divorce. Using services like those of jacksonville fl divorce attorneys could help to make this distressing legal process somewhat more manageable and less stressful. The man who spent a couple of seasons during his reality show, ‘The T.O. Show’ searching for a life partner, is already headed to splitsville. Snider says that she’s leaving the father of four because she believes Owens only married her for money and used her so he could get a loan for a $2 million home in Sherman Oaks, CA. We’re hoping that they can get the help of a family lawyer and that they will go to Peters And May or a lawyer closer to home to help them with the divorce.

With divorce rising among celebrities, a two-week marriage ending in such a fashion is not new. Throughout the years divorce among celebrities appears to get more and more frequent, most of which end with them splitting up with minimal issues. Still, celebrities need to abide by the laws of their state when it comes to divorce, for example, an uncontested divorce in California may be different to uncontested divorces in Georgia. They will need to get in touch with a good lawyer who can help them abide by the laws of the state, making sure that they are ending their marriage lawfully.

Owens has not responded to the claims.


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