Entrepreneur Shana Johnson created the board game Wedding or Knot for bridal parties. (Photo Credit: Shana Johnson)
Entrepreneur Shana Johnson created the board game Wedding or Knot for bridal parties. (Photo Credit: Shana Johnson)

Make no mistake about it, Shana Johnson is an entrepreneur. She probably understands how useful small business software can be, similar to what Salesforce talks about. This go-getter created Wedding or Knot, a board game to help ensure fun at bridal showers. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure you visit whitehat-seo.co.uk to see how they can help you kick-start your success. If you are new to the entrepreneur game, it helps to do a little research before you begin putting your business ideas into motion. Checking out this beginners guide to clickbank could give you helping tips on how start putting your business plans into motion.
What started out as a project (Johnson was tasked with coming up with something fun and creative for a friend’s bridal shower) has morphed into a viable small business. Did we mention that the Emory University graduate developed this product while working a full-time job? Johnson’s hard work has resulted in a board game that transcends racial and cultural boundaries, teaching users wedding history and traditions throughout the world in a fun and accessible way. Wedding or Knot is the gift that keeps on giving because everyone knows someone who is getting married. The Burton Wire caught up with Johnson who is in the final stretch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to distribute her product to talk entrepreneurship, fundraising and living her dream. If you’re looking for ways to make your hen do, stag do and bridal showers fun, have you considered travelling a little further, for example a stag do in Prague could really help create some fantastic memories.

What motivated you to create Wedding or Knot?
One of my best friends asked me to come up with something fun and creative for the group to do at her goddaughter’s bridal shower. So I Googled a bunch of wedding trivia/traditions like “why does the groom stand on the bride’s right side?” and “what is the significance of the white aisle runner?” I created business cards with the question on one side and the answer on the other. We placed the cards on each guests’ bread plate and had the guests read their cards to the group throughout the shower and it was a big hit!

(Photo Credit: Shana Johnson)
(Photo Credit: Shana Johnson)

What has been the best part of the process of getting this game made?
The best part has been the unexpected acceptance that the game has received. I am honored but also excited by the enthusiasm and the opportunity. I have also been completely humbled by the way my friends and family have stood with me and become enthusiastic supporters. I really appreciate it and I am completely thrilled. I also am completely motivated to make this successful and not let them down.

What have you learned about yourself during this process?
Wedding or Knot was really birthed out of adversity. I was going through a very difficult time in my personal life and facing a major hurdle in my professional life simultaneously. It really is true that there is always a silver lining if you take the time to listen to those closest to you and have the courage to take action. I have also learned that God really will give you strength to accomplish beyond what you can imagine. His mission for your life is often greater than your own.

What has been the toughest part of being an entrepreneur?
Maintaining a full time job (Shana is a district manager for a major pharmaceutical company covering the state of Texas except Dallas and Houston), finding time for friends and family and finding time and resources to fund and sell the game! Hence my Kickstarter campaign.

Why the Kickstarter campaign?
Kickstarter was not in the plan. However, when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory and needing a significant amount of funding because every other traditional means has not worked out, you find a new way to approach the problem. I also really like the fundamental idea behind Kickstarter and other “crowd funding” venues – giving ordinary people like you and I an opportunity to pool resources to fund big ideas and inventions. I think of it as the 21st century “Power to the People” approach. I really hope to reach my goal of $25,000 by October 2nd. We’re about 37% funded, so we need all the help we can get!

Where do you see this product going in the next few years?
The beautiful thing is that Wedding or Knot has opened up a world of possibilities. Of course I have a business plan that projects out for the next 5 and even 10 years from now but I am also remaining open to different paths the future may hold. In the short term, my goal is to become “the must have for all brides and weddings!”

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Follow your inspiration, remain open-minded to opportunities, seek counsel and BELIEVE.

To become a Kickstarter backer of Wedding or Knot, click here.

This post was written by Nsenga K. Burton, founder & editor-in-chief of the award-winning news site The Burton Wire.

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  1. This is really a joy to witness, Shana’s courage and strength is a testament to what anyone can do when they set their minds to a task.

  2. Hi Shana,
    You are awesome. Congratulations. I emailed Whitney Lee in Austin and shared your information. I smiled when I saw your photo. We miss you.
    Mark & Sara

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