President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney shake hands during round two of the 2012 Presidential Debate. (Google Images)

OPINION by Jasper Alexander

While watching the second presidential debate and watching both candidates fervently make their respective cases to the American electorate, a thought occurred to me — should these debates really matter so much?  There is as clear a delineation between these two candidates as I have seen in the eighteen years that I have had the privilege to vote.  These debates now have been reduced to glorified dog and pony shows where each candidate merely tries to score points on presentation and by winning exchanges of talking points.  As a result, the value-add of these debates to so-called undecided voters is minimal.  Beyond that, it is apparent that facts are not a necessary requirement to being considered the “winner”.

Without facts, what is the value of these debates?  Furthermore, what does it say about you if you are still an undecided voter? That you are relying on these spectacles masquerading as presidential debates to make up your mind two to three weeks before the election?  That you are waiting for more information to come in?  If you are still undecided, you may want to take a look at this recent skit from SNL and make up your mind.  If you are an undecided voter, are you really being honest with yourself about why you will not commit to either candidate?

Let me help you if you are still an undecided voter: no more new information is coming out about these candidates.  Their platforms are set and you can view President Obama’s platform here and Governor Romney’s here.  It is a simple decision.  You either believe that President Obama has the country on the right track or you believe that Mitt Romney’s proposed policies will grow the American economy.  Spending hours watching debates and post debate commentary from pundits reduces your decision to the equivalent of choosing the winner of Dancing with the Stars or X Factor.

America, this decision is too important for that approach.  Read and research the issues for yourself and look at the stances that both candidates take on the issues that are important to you.  Let’s stop fooling ourselves about how these debates are helping us choose our next president and let’s be honest about what is motivating some of us to remain undecided.

Jasper Alexander is a contributing writer to The Burton Wire.

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