Jamaica to Legalize Marijuana?

Caribbean 360 is reporting that Jamaica will decriminalize marijuana by the end of the 2014. With the numbers of people...

Charles Orgbon III: Teen Environmentalist & Entrepreneur Pays It Forward

Many social activists and critics of the past believe young people of color in this generation have no motivation to create...

Akosua Report: Wangari Muta Maathai

I kept stumbling and falling and stumbling and falling as I searched for the good. 'Why?' I asked myself. Now I...

Meet Phyllis Omido: Kenya’s ‘Erin Brokovich’

Emma Daly of Human Rights Watch is profiling the activism of Phyllis Omido, a Kenyan woman who led the fight against...

AFRICA: U.S. to Send Troops to 35 African Countries

CBS News is reporting the United States is sending troops to 35 African countries in 2013 as an anti-terror measure to...

10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need to Be Voting Today

1. VOTER SUPPRESSION Early voting lines in Miami-Dade County were four and five hours long over the weekend. This after Rep. Rick...

Hurricane Sandy Brings Death and Destruction to U.S.

CNN is reporting that at least 16 people in the United States were killed in incidents related to Hurricane Sandy. The...

President Obama to Visit Senegal and South Africa

AllAfrica.com is reporting that U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Senegal and South Africa next month. First Lady Michelle...

Top 10 Most Liveable Cities in Africa

Yolaan Begbie of Africa.com has compiled a list of cities in various countries in Africa that would be great for people...

Michael Brown: Parents Appeal to U.N. Committee

CNN is reporting that the parents of  Michael Brown, 18, a Missouri teen killed  by police officer Darren Wilson, 28, have...

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